Q: Do your methods cure tumours or cancer?

A: All methods rid us of negative energy content from the past. There are several causes of diseases that are of energetic origin, and also there are structural (bones, nerves, glands and the like). There are also causes such as inadequate diet and unhealthy lifestyle, causes such as toxins in the body, etc. For perfect health, a complete lifestyle is important, in which “emotional hygiene” is one of the most important factors.

It is important to understand that emotional release and cleansing techniques are not a substitute for adequate medical care. They are complementary and can facilitate healing, and if the causes are purely energetic, remove a good portion of the problem.

Q: Is it necessary to completely face emotions, to analyze the root of when emotions were created and situations in which they arose?

A: It is not necessary. It is important to understand that emotion is energy and that it is stored in the form of a dark “energetic impression” in the “tank” of the subconscious of our energy body. Release techniques release those energy impressions, and during and after the treatment there is a processing in which the released emotion awakens certain memories (related to specific emotional content) on the way out of our system. Sometimes bodily sensations (e.g., shivering, crying, laughing, hiccups) are also a possible part of this processing, which are also a form of energy release.

Q: What is muscle testing?

A: With a lie detector, personal queries generate a specific neuro-electrical response from the body, which can also be read graphically using the same detector and determine with a high percentage of accuracy whether a person is telling the truth. This is done with the help of a very sensitive and precise indicator. The muscles of the body are sensitive to this neuro-electrical condition, so they can be used for the same purpose. Every muscle weakens in a state of mismatch or untruth when the strength of the muscle’s resistance becomes weak. Likewise, muscles will remain strong and able to resist when our system is in a state of coincidence or truth. The good side of muscle testing is that it provides access to important health information. All we need to do is get into a neutral state, ask adequate questions, apply muscle resistance and get our answers!