How to see your problems as challenges and transform them with pure love into peace and joy of life? Milan taught me this in the most direct and simplest way: through  beneficial effects of his healing. Yet the most important gift that arose from working with Milan was bringing hope back into life. Prone to analysis from the perspective of Western medicine, I had a hard time shifting my focus to the realm of feelings and intuition. Milan made it easier for me by integrating his broad knowledge of the human body with the knowledge of the depths of the soul. Sometimes it’s so easy to recognize your teacher! THANK YOU!

Dunja G. (London, UK), Physician, neuroscience research fellow,  Croatian triathlon and boxing champion


I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Milan on releasing emotional blockages. As I see it, this was sent to me from above, after being depressed for more than three years and feeling hopeless.

Since then, we release negative emotions one by one. I was amazed how Milan detected with such precision the exact emotions and the time when they appeared without any prior knowledge of the events and experiences that provoked them. The fact that he remained neutral and did not need any additional information to release the trapped emotions was a relief, because otherwise I would have felt shy or ashamed of some things that had happened to me or that I had done.

Mayapur is patient, non-judgmental and calm, which makes it easy and natural to trust him. I see and experience how much his work actually helps me. I felt the release even physically as a warm uplifting feeling, as if I was getting rid of a burden. I’ve noticed that I now feel less emotionally attached to other people’s reactions and see my inner dramas from a distance, a more neutral view. I feel much more stable, happier and full of hope, I have no more thoughts about not wanting to live. Also, as a musician I feel much safer and clearer on stage. The tremor that used to bother me is now almost completely gone. I am deeply grateful for all these positive changes.

Vita G. (Salaspils, Latvia), Professional violinist


Despite being a general practitioner for over twenty years, acupuncturist, graduate hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, working with Milan allowed me to effectively release accumulated emotions and blockages (e.g. after my divorce I could not stand human touch for many years) which made it easier for me to make decisions in everyday life and gave a new dimension to understanding life.

He helped me a lot in my life journey.

I highly recommend it.

Margarita B. (Zurich, Switzerland), Physician


I recommended these therapies to all my friends. Milan helped me to get rid of the burden of emotions that accumulate over time on several occasions. I see it as a kind of hygiene; we take care of our body, the place where we stay, pray, meditate – and emotions build us up and sometimes break us. This is where Milan comes in, to whom I give that part of myself with full confidence, so that I could be myself.

Jelena P. (Dubrovnik, Croatia), Academic artist


Describing my experience in working with Milan, I would first like to express my deepest gratitude to him for introducing me to his very interesting and special healing techniques which have helped my entire family. Thank you so much for guiding us through the most vulnerable depths of our being for years with such ease, simplicity, humor and warmth which only a few experienced professionals possess. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to live a better version of themselves.

Dajana D. (Varazdin, Croatia), Yoga teacher


I came to the emotion code through a recommendation and after the first session I was convinced of the powerful effect of this method. Today, I recommend this therapy to my relatives and friends, with a simple point: It will change your heart.

I love trying out self-healing and emotional progress techniques, positive visualizations and the like and the emotion code absolutely fascinated me. I am very grateful to be going through a deep emotional cleansing and transformation. I get to know new parts of my consciousness and past, and after releasing trapped emotions and thought patterns, I step into the future with greater certainty and calmness!

Matea Z. (Costa Rica), Yoga teacher


With Milan’s help, I discovered that the limits of understanding myself can be overcome with the help of the right guide. Forever grateful for the desire to help others, for my happiness – and for me, on the path of life towards self-knowledge.

Andres R. (Miami, USA), IT engineer


I am experiencing good results with using the EMOTION CODE modality in my recovery from Lyme disease. It also helps me get rid of emotional triggers, resulting in relief from physical pain, a greater sense of inner freedom; I am more relaxed and lighter-hearted, and my relationships are improving. I am very grateful to Mr. Gradiček for his wonderful work and I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone as a healer. Thank you!

Miss M. Mansel (Washington DC, USA), Ayurvedic chef


My daughter and I recently started treatments and we both agree that the method is very simple and effective. There is no deep intimacy and very few questions solve key problems. We both feel better on the physical and mental level from the beginning. ”

Zdravko M. (Velika Gorica, Croatia), Geology technician


“Emotion Code is one of the best techniques I have encountered and whose effects I have seen after the first treatment. Therapies helped me cleanse my heart and get rid of the emotions that were holding me back from living life to the fullest. I also believe that the power of this technique increases with an experienced therapist, such as Milan, to whom I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.”

Vanesa D. (Sarajevo, BiH), Ayurvedic chef


Mayapur… a friend, counsellor who listens, a trusted person, his every word is always in place! Thank you for everything …

Zdravka K. (Osijek, Croatia), Physician 

Like many others, I am facing challenges in dealing with unproductive, repeating negative emotions. Overcoming these thinking/feeling patterns and traumatic experiences has proven to be a consistently difficult task for me. However, that changed drastically when I began working with Mayapur. His uncomplicated transformative sessions have brought about immediate and visible positive and peaceful outcomes in my life. The energy-consuming dramas that used to consume me no longer hold power over me. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Mayapur’s work to others. I am more than happy to speak to anyone personally and share more about my experience.

Dario Knez, Belgium, LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/audarye

I initially experienced intense pain in my right shoulder after an electric shock at work. For six months, I couldn’t use my arm properly. I visited doctors and took medication, but nothing brought relief. I contacted Mayapur, who suggested a phone conversation. The following evening, we talked, during which he inquired about the incident and its details. This interaction was unique, especially considering the thousands of kilometres that separated us during the call. After our conversation, I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning, the pain had vanished. I could use my arm at work as if nothing had occurred. It was a truly mystical experience. Since then, I haven’t encountered any further issues or pain.

Bruno M., Antwerp, Belgium, Manager at Haribo