Emotion Code

Emotion code is a powerful method of finding and releasing the energy of negative emotions from the past that are “trapped” in our subconscious.

Situations that most often result in “trapping” negative emotions are, for example:

• physical, emotional or mental trauma,

• loss of a loved one,

• divorce,

• financial difficulties,

• job loss

• stress at work or in the family.

In addition to these emotional impressions, negative emotional impressions can be inherited from parents, and even carried by the soul from past lives.

Releasing the “trapped” emotional impressions raises the vibration of the energetic and physical body, resulting in increased energy levels, greater optimism, removal of brain fog and very often – immediate relief or even complete disappearance of physical pain.

If we compare our energy body with a light bulb; due to the accumulation of negative emotional impressions, it becomes “shaded”, vibrating at a lower energy frequency. Such an energy field full of stress results in self-sabotage, energy blockages and physical pain, for which there are no classic medical causes.

Fears, phobias, depression, nervousness, negative thinking, irrational anger – all these are caused by negative impressions.

In situations where we used to react out of control, there is no more “emotional gunpowder” that makes us react in an unwanted way, so we become equipped with more freedom of choice in reacting to critical situations in life.

By removing these blockages, we also remove obstacles which inhibit the faster manifestation of what we want in our lives.

An additional advantage of this technique over other types of similar energy techniques is accuracy and efficiency, which means that instead of spending a long time searching or guessing, within a few minutes we come to the exact cause of emotional impression and time of its occurrence.

Body Code

The body has an innate ability to recover and heal from all kinds of stress, trauma and illness. The ability to self-heal also depends on the right conditions. If the body is unbalanced, it will not be able to heal completely. The blockages that are created cause problems to accumulate over time.

Body Code ™ is a system for healing the energy of the body and mind. It was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor. The system assumes that blockages in the next six areas may be the source of the causes of all diseases;

Energies – trapped emotions, trauma and other emotional energies

Systems – organs, glands, muscles, bodily systems and their connections

Toxicity – heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EM radiation, medical and environmental toxins and more

Pathogens – fungi, bacteria, viruses, molds and parasitic attackers that wreak havoc on our cells

Structure – bones, nerves and connective tissue and their alignment to support function (in supporting the functioning of the body?)

Diet and lifestyle – food we eat, including plants and nutrients, exercise and personal needs

How does Body Code work?

The subconscious is the super intelligent computer system of your body. It knows exactly what you need to achieve balance in the above listed six key areas of health.

Specific questions, charts, and muscle testing are used to get precise answers from the subconscious about blockages in your body that need to be addressed.

Once a blockage is found, an energy correction is made via the Control Meridian (the main energy meridian in your energy system). The flow of energy through energy intervention is currently activated throughout your body and achieves the intention – either by releasing negative energy or restoring balance in the energy cycle of your body. This quick procedure is completely non-invasive and painless.

What can the Body Code™ help with?

By releasing energy blockages, Body Code helps with:

addiction, abdominal pain, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, bedwetting, blood pressure problems, chest pain, chronic fatigue, constipation, depression, digestive problems, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, hip pain, hormonal problems, insomnia, morning sickness, neck pain, night terrors, obesity / overweight, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, sciatica, sinus problems, skin problems, tennis elbow, dizziness…

Integra protocol

The Integra Protocol is an innovative system of psychological help and self-help.

The Integra Protocol consists of three methods for relieving emotional problems (basic, standard and advanced methods) IP methods will allow you to:

– to get rid of emotional problems

– to get rid of trauma and negative experiences

– to get rid of emotional barriers that prevent you from working on your goals

– to get rid of negative and limiting beliefs

– to accelerate your spiritual progress

Satori protocol

A direct method for the fastest attainment of the so-called state of cognition of “temporary enlightenment” (a state without thought), created on the basis of “Enlightenment Intensive”.

The Satori protocol helps in spiritual development in the following ways:

– It doesn’t take much effort

– It doesn’t take much time

-The techniques are easy to apply

– No theory

– No levels

– You don’t have to believe in anything

– The methods are directly focused on the state without thoughts, the so-called “Temporary enlightenment”

Soul sync

The therapist consciously synchronizes the client with the frequency of pure consciousness and removes negative emotions, pain and blockages from that space with waves of pure consciousness.

Flashback release

A guided process of entering the scenes lived in the past (which contain the emotional charge that causes the problem or trauma) and the precise, thorough release of the negative charge directly within that memory.


The release technique is a simple but powerful technique that shows you how to discover your natural ability to instantly get rid of any unwanted feelings. What makes this method a powerful tool (that really works) Is that it can be used anytime and anywhere, to improve any area of life and discover joy as a natural state of mind. In the state of presence and with the help of simple questions, layers of negative emotions and sensations are released.

Soul reality

Setting goals and energetically releasing all the subconscious content that separates us form achieving them.