About me

Working with life energy has been one of my fascinations from the time when , having lived in India for years, I was lucky to meet many teachers, yogis and mystics. Their learning and knowledge of the human being as a whole – a combination of physical, spiritual and emotional – left a strong impression on me that woud determine my future life. The desire to heal myself and pass on the knowledge by helping and giving it to others was established.

I have been actively practicing bhakti yoga for more than twenty years, and the study of Vedic astrology (Jyotish) – the influence of the laws of destiny on the character and life of a human being – has been a great help in researching the phenomenon of consciousness.

My specialty is removing negative emotional impressions from the subconscious in order to enable clients to reach an optimal and clear state of consciousness.

The goal is to maximize free will, thus raising the client’s awareness in all life situations, as only an emotionally healthy person can make life-healthy decisions.

Over the years of learning, I have practiced a multitude of healing techniques;

  • Advanced Pranic Healing, Crystal Pranic Healing, Pranic psychotherapy, Kriya Shakti, Advanced Quantum Entrainment, Emotion and Body Code, Yuen Method, various variations of Two-point techniques, Aspect, Satori and Integra Protocol and many others.