Heart wall

The heart is not only a pump for blood flow, but a the center of our energy body. According to esoteric teachings, the area of ​​our heart is the seat of our soul.

The subconscious groups the strongest “trapped” emotions in the heart area, creating what we call the “heart wall”. Usually created in childhood or early adolescence, the “heart wall” is crafted as a kind of protective filter against emotional pain in the future.

When someone says that his heart is “broken” and that he/she “can no longer love”, it is usually a heart wall.

Releasing the heart wall is a liberating experience that restores authenticity to our lives and clears the space for connecting consciousness with our selves and better manifestation of higher, finer emotions (like love), creativity and intuition.

Many clients say that the removal of the “heart wall” has restored their ability to “feel and love again” and even, in their words, to “live their life again, not in black and white, but in color”.